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The Raddest Knuckle Bump of All Time

December 2, 2011

Some people have secret handshakes.

Others, a special high-five.

Me? I’ve got a complicated, convoluted, totally awesome good night kiss.

I can’t take the credit for it though. It’s all Scooby’s doing. It has evolved over time and it’s become such a habit that I’ve started to do it to Scrappy, much to his bewilderment, catching myself before the second bonk on the head.

Oh yes, there is bonking.

It starts with a kiss – or rather, two. One on each cheek.

Then a double noggin.

Snap snap.

And this rad knuckle bump that ends with a fizzy explosion of splayed fingers, like shadow puppet fireworks into the air.

I told you, it’s awesome and way cooler than anything I could have ever dreamed up by my ownself.  Sometimes I wonder if we’ll still be doing this when he’s 25.

At his graduation. On his wedding day.

With his own children.

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