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Just Life – The Busiest Week of the Year

December 15, 2011

The Life of a Boymom
“Where are the boys?”
“Oh, they’re outside playing ‘Spears.’”
“Yeah, it’s what they started playing when I told them to stop playing ‘Knives.’”
(via @baniemcbain)

Things You Don’t Expect to Hear From an 8 yr old: “Dad, can we start learning the periodic table of elements tonight?”

It’s The Busiest Week of the Year

Yup. This is it. 51 weeks and it all comes down to this one. The last week of school doesn’t hold a candle to this one.

Seven days, three evening commitments, three rehearsals, five days of school, five days of work, two tests to study for, two concert performances, two musical performances, one class party, one birthday party, three teacher gifts to deliver, three dozen cookies to bake and four batches of cinnamon rolls to express our gratitude to the people who take care of our kids every day with love and patience and grace.

It’s day four of seven, in which one performances is over, the baking is done, the gifts are delivered and we prepare for the next four straight days of crazy.

In the past, I have not handled this week with grace. I have been stressed and frantic and unprepared. This year, I’m doing a little better. Planning ahead so that seven nights of dinners are in the freezer ready to pull out and serve has allowed us to eat together peacefully. Gifts were delivered early, and my baking Boy Wonder has done the dirty work in the kitchen this year.

We are trying to keep our eye on the goal – this week is full of celebrations because we are rejoicing and sharing and expressing our love for each other because of He Who Loved Us First.

It’s just one week, and if everything doesn’t go smoothly, well, so what. It’s just one week.


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  1. December 16, 2011 7:59 am

    I remember this same list from last year, but I don’t remember the zen-like acceptance I read in this post. Well done, Adelle, and like every year before this, you’ll get through.

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