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That Which is Good, Part II: Worth Repeating

February 1, 2012

I have tremendous confidence that God will, in His time, make everything right. God is my Plan A. I have no Plan B. I want to bear witness before all to the absolute goodness of God. I do not lay at his feet the responsibility for this terrible disease and He does not have to heal me to prove that He is God or that He is good. He is good because He is God. I trust him completely and believe beyond any doubt that I am His child and that He loves me and wants only my best.

Terry Giboney, June, 1996

Terry, a professor and provost of Pepperdine University, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1995. He fought the good fight and thought he had won, only to have it return in June of 1996. Terry went home to Jesus just six months later. 

He was a mentor, and he was my friend. 

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  1. Bethany Hall Fitelson permalink
    February 1, 2012 3:52 pm

    I didn’t know Terry, but during my time at Pepperdine his phrase “God is my Plan A. I have no Plan B.” was legendary. Rightfully so. What an inspiration he and Susan are. God will, in his time, make everything right – but that might not be until the very end of history, when there will be a new earth and new bodies and new creation. Until then, we wait and we hope.

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