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A Birthday, A Beginning, and A New App

February 26, 2012

Mendocino, I’m told, was settled by a sea-captain from Maine because the spot reminded him of home, and for good reason. It has been our special place the last 12 years. Happy memories abound, and it is often in February that we run away for a few days together. This time, we celebrated Gabe’s birthday and another new beginning. We started on a bluff over the ocean, part of the Mendocino Headlands. Albeit chilly, it was an exquisite spot, the view couldn’t have been more glorious. The day was bright, a tad breezy, and despite the salt spray that was kicking up on the wind, we rejoiced in two lives becoming one. Michaela is more niece than not – her father, Michael, and my Michael (the bigger one) were basketball cronies in Texas a long, long, LOOOONG time ago. While it was a bit startling to see our peers as parents of the bride, we were so happy to share in their joy.

And while at the wedding, another guest introduced me to a charming little Android App called Pixir-o-Matic which with great fun I fiddled my little point-and-shoot photos into something arty and dramatic.

The reception was held at a vintage one-room school-house in Caspar. With the biting wind and ocean air, we could have been in Cape Elizabeth. It was charming and delightful and everything a wedding should be.

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