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March 12, 2012

From the moment you open your blue eyes to the world
It begins.

Run, don’t walk.
Run for that first hug.
Run to be first to the door.
Run to greet Daddy in the kitchen.
Run to the truck via several turns around the lawn.

I find you in the sandbox in the afternoon sun.
You blink at me in the orange light, cheeks pink from the wind.
We head to the truck.
Let’s run, Mommy!
And you fly away across the grass
Up hill down dale arms open wide
Laughing in the face of the setting sun

For once, I had the sense to join in
We ran together, that day, arms open wide
In front of other students, other parents
Did they wonder?
Or were they jealous…
Who cares?

We ran, together, you and I, in the stiff winter breeze
Laughing all the way
You beat me to the truck
And I was laughing
Ten years younger in that moment.
Maybe even twenty.

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  1. March 12, 2012 11:00 pm

    That’s such a great image…

  2. March 13, 2012 11:08 am

    Wonderful. Beautiful. I read it over and over. You captured it so beautifully – the absolute delight and joy in the moment. Thanks.

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