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What’s Not to Love? Boy Clothes

April 2, 2012

Have you gone boy-shopping lately?

Step into any kids’ clothing store and you’ll find a good three-quarters of the retail space dedicated to pink and ruffles.

The boys get a max of one wall, the section dominated by racks of nothing more exciting than PE uniforms in black, grey, blue, and maybe if you’re lucky, red. Or, the ever-present camo.  Boring. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

But with a little hunting, cute boy-clothes (at least for kids under 9) can still be found that are colorful, fun and kid-friendly. Thanks to some great recommendations from my Twitter followers, here’s a few of my summer favorites for 2012.

Crazy 8 Love these colors and those sneakers!

Crazy 8 Marlin Polo, patchwork shorts and laceless sneakers. I bout this entire outfit and my 8yo LOVES it. Win.

Crazy 8 King Crab tee, cargo shorts, with a bright plaid. Now to get my boys to accept the layered look...

Gymboree Polo and Plaid Shorts. Love the colors.

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Love the hoodie tee...

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Beach bum

Osh Kosh has long been one of my favorite brands for boy-gear. I’ve found their stuff extremely durable, fun, the pants all come with adjustable waist-bands (a must for my skinny boy) and there’s always a sale going on.

Also worth mentioning – I was at Kohl’s on Saturday – their Jumping Beans brand had a ton of mix-and-match t-shirts, plaid shorts and polos that were bright and colorful, with just enough fire trucks and dinosaurs to please my little guy. There aren’t a lot of options online, but at my local store there were two major displays of options.

p.s. can you tell my favorite color is orange?

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