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Which Row Are YOU Sitting In?

July 26, 2012


All I keep thinking of when I see this photo is Cousin Vickie telling Audrey that she’s got a choice. She can be up on the platform dancing, or down in the pit serving drinks. A worldy, yet apt, Martha and Mary parable. 

Where am I? Stuck-in-the-mud stuffy or dizzy-with-laughter joyful?

Where are you? Are you in the front row, gasping with laughter as your skirt flies over your head, or sitting primly in the third row?

Catharine Adelle! Sit like a lady!

Can’t even tell you how many times I heard this growing up. By the time I was in high school, I was flipping chairs around and straddling them just to annoy her.

A few days apart last week and our family is easier, more relaxed. I think we all needed a break from routine. The boys as much as we did.

We’re laughing more. We’re joking more.

Mary and Martha. Martha and Mary. So often I see to the details, rather than delight in the bigger picture.

There’s work to be done. Protocols to follow. Preparations to be made. 

I’m always the one to jump right in. When it comes to details, I’m your gal. I like to do it myself, because I want it done my way.


But He scolded her for that.

“Wherever you are, be there.” A senior gave a few words of wisdom as we all parted ways at the end of the semester. I was just a freshman, but I never forgot his words.

Wherever you are, be there. Be Mary.

Be at His feet. Don’t miss a moment. Don’t miss a thing. Be there, be present, be faithful, be open.

It doesn’t come naturally to me. I live and die for the details.

Let it go. Let it be. Be in the moment. Breathe it in, soak it in. Draw the moment deep inside of you and hold on. Laugh with it. Cry with it.

And for goodness sake, don’t worry about the napkins.

(and yes, my middle name is Adelle. The only time they ever called me Catharine was when I was about to be grounded…)

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  1. July 26, 2012 8:38 pm

    “Dont’ worry about the napklns.” Totally agree! There’s so much going on in life—we can’t miss it for searching for napkins. The hardest part is knowing I can’t be present to all of it. My attention and energy is not sufficient. So I try to choose wisely among all that is possible. Every day, so many choices!! But if Jesus is with us, we can choose rightly–most of the time! Thanks, Adelle!

  2. Bethany Hall Fitelson permalink
    July 26, 2012 11:02 pm

    Love this! What a great picture and illustration! I need this reminder when I feel pulled in way too many directions – at work stressed I’m not getting homework done, doing homework stressing that I’m not spending time with the baby, spending time with the baby worrying that I’m not getting to work on time. Ugh. I need to remember that where I am, just be there.

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