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Praying Meekly vs. Praying Boldly

September 7, 2012

In the past, I had prayed almost wistfully, with a lot of disclaimers: “If it be your will,” and “I only want what you want, God.” And these things are true. But what I realized I was doing was praying meekly…

Sound familiar? It is for me. Spineless and helpless prayers left me feeling just that…spineless and helpless.

My prayer for you is that the benefits would not be just for him, but that you would experience a new level of depth and richness in your relationshisp with God. My pryaer is that your conversations with the God who created you and loves you lavishly and deeply would take on the rhythm of two old friends talking, that there would be comfort, care, and love when you meet with Him.

God’s word makes it clear that what you ask for in His name, you will receive.

Kathi Lipp

Do you believe that? Have you seen this proven true in your own marriage?

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