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What’s Not to Love? A Huge Sale

January 6, 2013
Striped Sequin Pullover - Reg. $49. 40% off of $42.99.

Striped Sequin Pullover – Reg. $49. 40% off of $42.99.

A truism of shopping – if you go out in search of a great deal, you’ll never find what you’re looking for.

Wander through the mall without any intentions at all (or when you’re completely broke) and the deals will come out into the aisles and find you.

I went to the mall today to by lotion. That’s it. Just lotion – my favorite from Bath and Body Works (Eucalyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy), it’s all I needed or even wanted.

But wandering past the Gap, the remodeled store caught my eye…

I’ve been shopping at the Gap nearly all my life – it originated here in the Bay Area before becoming a world-wide phenom. I wore Gap in elementary, middle and high school religiously. I’ve been shopping at the Westgate (Valley Fair to us locals – always and forever) store for, um, 30 years or so. In 10th grade Econ, I “bought” Gap’s stock in an investing exercise, the same year they split three ways. (I got an A.)

I am, what you might call, a brand loyalist. I find a brand I love and I stick to it. I shop online and in stores, and when I shop in a store, I expect to be treated like a customer, not a nuisance. Once upon a career ago, I was hugely loyal to Ann Taylor. (Back in the day when natural fibers could still be found in ratios of 100% at reasonable prices.) They’ve changed, I’ve changed, and have since moved on. Nowadays, I love a good boutique, and am loyal to a few local places in my area.

I’ve been skittish of Gap of late. They abandoned their roots in the early aughts and were just meh for a good ten years or so. Completely unremarkable. Then they hired the creative director from Ralph Lauren and started rediscovering their All-American roots. I bought a couple of items a few years ago, and the next year a couple more. This year, I’m back on board and today’s in-store experience sealed the deal.

Another shopping truism – you’ll never get attention from salespeople during a massive clearance. You just don’t …but I had not one, but THREE smiling, friendly teens at my beck and call today. Everything that I pulled, and I mean everything, fit.

Walking out of the store for eight items with an average price of $15. Lovely, comfy long-sleeved sweaters, hooded T’s and striped pullovers, and a rocking new pair of jeans. What’s not to love about that? I just might be a Gap-Girl after-all.

Having not written of shopping OR shoes in quite some time, I’ve indulged my fashionista side tonight. Tomorrow, check back for some very serious (ok, not so serious) business and why Rachel Held Evans scares me. 

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  1. January 7, 2013 12:32 am

    Glad they finally raised their social awareness rating from a few years ago, along with all their other sister companies! A loves his Old Navy, and there were a few years there where we had to forgo them, but now we can shop for great deals guilt free! Love a great deal, and that sweater would look fabulous on you!

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