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Flawed and Fearless Fridays: Laugh. More.

March 22, 2013

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My great-grandmother Velma had a face full of happy wrinkles and a glint in her eye that made it look as if she were always about to giggle.

She usually was (about to giggle). A tough old bird (as she would refer to herself), Velma was born in 1907, she saw a lot of life in her lifetime. She buried her first husband when their daughter was only two years old.

Life was not always easy, but she always found something to laugh about. She lived to be 97, stooped and tiny,  scarcely over five feet tall, but with personality that filled a room.

She was the kind of grandma who actually talked to strangers in the elevator. And fixed their collar if it was crooked. Or tucked in the tag of their shirt.

Afraid of nothing, she made fierce fried-chicken an

d lemon meringue pie from scratch. Her hands were bent and gnarled, but gentle as she brushed my long hair and read me bedtime stories.

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And she laughed. She always laughed.

A face full of life, and wrinkles that fell in pleasant places.

My one word for 2013 is Courage – the courage to be whole – flawed and fearless, the good and the bad. What good are flaws if we can’t laugh about them?

I posted this to my Facebook page a couple of months ago, but for those of you who don’t yet follow me there (I wish you would!) here’s a bit of fun: I spent hours primping for our Christmas dinner last year. The tables were set, halls decked, candles lit. It was perfect.

Until late in the evening when I noticed the toilet brush in the corner of the dining room. TOILET BRUSH. I had set it there as I did a final pass through the house and bathrooms and forgot all about it.

I had a toilet brush in my dining room for Christmas dinner.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your favorite flub, flaw, foible of the week? Share it and share a smile…


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  1. March 22, 2013 3:03 pm

    I loved hanging around with Grandma Velma. Your Mother adored her and I came to love her too. She’s just as you described her. Even though life threw her valleys of unimaginable pain and sorrow, she decided to laugh and serve and love rather than wallow in self pity. She sparkled with the love of the Lord! What a legacy she left and how proud she would be of the way you carry on that sparkle!

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