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UPDATED: Heroes in an Instant: Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013


In every situation such as this, there are those who rise out of the rank and file and become heroes in an instant.

Those heroes shine a Light into this darkness, a light than can never burn out, can never be extinguished.

It’s so easy to think only of the horror.

The suffering. The senseless tragedy of it all. But instead, let’s think on the good. The shining pinpoints of Light who acted immediately  without thought of personal safety or gain.

  • Those who ran towards the blasts as others frantically tried to run away.
  • The people who ran beside wheelchairs full of wounded, a stranger’s blood on their hands, as they held a tourniquet and saved a life.
  • Runners who ran straight from the finish line to the nearest hospital to donate blood.
  • All those who leaned in to assist the emergency personnel, doing the hard and ugly work of sifting through the wreckage.
  • Google programmers who quickly set up a “Person Finder” to help friends and family locate loved ones and keep track of one another in the melee
  • Hospitable Bostonians offering their home to one or more of the long list of runners who cannot get to their hotel tonight. (Source and more info: US News)

Keep the good news coming – share the stories you hear of more heroes and Light shining out of darkness.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only Light can do that.

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

More examples of light!

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