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Who’s In Charge Here? (Hint: Not Me!)

April 23, 2013

Kindly, my five year old reminded us this morning that no matter what we think, or how well things are going, we, his parents, are not even remotely in control.

Thankfully, God is bigger than this kid’s will.

No matter how well I carefully dress in the morning, or artistically style my hedgehog hair, or whether my jewelry matches my shoes without being matchy-matchy, I am not in control.

Whether I remember to put on lip gloss, or brush my teeth, or wear deodorant, I am not in control.

I can cajole and plead, scold, reprimand, entreat, or flat out beg…I am not in control of these kids.

It had been a good morning. The sun was shining, everybody actually ate their breakfast and brushed their teeth, and bonus, left the house with underwear on under their uniforms. We pulled out of the driveway on time, lunchboxes in hand, and gear packed for after school sports.

This was a win kind of morning. An A+. I was feeling pretty good about life. I was ON. TOP. Of. MY. GAME.

Until the Dimpled Dictator started to fuss about wanting to bring a stuffed animal in the car. We were already three blocks away with the demands arose from the back seat. “Turn the car around!”

Uh, no. We are on time today! We are going to stay on time today! I have planned this schedule out carefully, down to the last detail (it takes two minutes for the espresso machine to warm up, the same amount of time it takes to heat my milk and I can usually load the breakfast dishes into the dish washer in that same two minutes. Triple efficiency! Three gold stars for ME!!

And thus, it started. He wailed. He screamed. He kicked my seat. All three miles to school. I tried to remind him that tantrums never end well. You don’t ever get what you want by screaming, do you? 

I tried to distract him with a local construction site.

I tried to distract him with a favorite song on the radio.

I prayed. I used the deep, authoritative voice that the parenting books tell moms to use. I took deep, measured breaths and didn’t raise my voice (much).

Nothing worked. I was not in control.


Renewed day by day.

I think parenting is God’s way of disciplining the control freaks of the world.

No mater how organized we are, how efficiently we have planned our time, or even how badly we waaaaant. it, we are not in control.

He is. And He’s doling out just enough to get us through this day.

Enough for today. Not enough for tomorrow. Tomorrow, we’ll have enough for tomorrow.

If we had enough for tomorrow, we might think we were in charge. 

That’s the difference, I suppose to being five years old and forty. (yes, there you go, I turn forty in about six weeks.) At five, my son fancies himself in charge of the universe, and despite being dispelled of that rumor on a daily basis, he wakes up every morning brightly presumptive of his place in the universe.

At forty, we wake up knowing full well our place in the universe because of the five year old down the hall.

May grace and peace be yours in abundance, and may you find yourself in possession of precisely what you need to get through today.


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  1. Hippie4ever permalink
    April 27, 2013 6:18 pm

    ,At forty, we wake up knowing full well our place in the universe because of the five year old down the hall.” Oh so very true! Thank you for reminding me God is always sufficient.


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