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In Which I Pull Out All of My Hair and Throw Up

September 16, 2013

Inspiration and a little bit of home…bought a vintage poster while visiting family last year in North Conway, NH. It’s become the color scheme for the new kitchen – white, black and splashes of ice blue and red. And it’s advertising, which I love. You can take the girl out of advertising….

We are planning a kitchen. Which is why I haven’t been writing, because there are so many dadgum decisions to be made that I have no brain cells left to form words. And I use words like “dadgum.”

We are days from ordering the cabinets, so,  as you can imagine, I’ve been laying awake at all hours asking myself these life-altering questions: Will that drawer be big enough for a stock pot? Should I put the mixer in a corner cabinet or a pull out drawer? Glass cabinets there or there? How many drawers? How may shelves? Where is the junk drawer going to go? Why do we have to have a junk drawer? Is the built-in buffet a good use of that space? Would a window-seat be better? Or a bistro table?  Are there too many glass cabinets or too few? Where is the spice rack going to go?! Will I want the mixing bowls there, or over there? 

I’ve never had to make these choices before. I’ve always just moved into a kitchen that somebody else agonized over.

And it’s not just the cabinets. I’ve already had to make Major Decisions about Flooring, Counters, Tile….and looming ahead of me, as yet unconquered…HARDWARE.

I dream about kitchen cabinets. I think about them all day. Gabe calls me at work and wants to know should the cabinets next to the hood be 12′ wide or 15″. And I have to decide. But what if the decision is wrong?! 

It’s all just so much. I have agida (aside, my old boss Linda used that word all of the time. I thought it was Yiddish. It’s not, it’s Italian slang. Which makes sense, because she was totally Italian.) which means, quite literally, heartburn and mental anguish.

That’s what I have. I know it will all be wonderful and beautiful in the end, but the process is going to be mental anguish. We haven’t even started chopping up walls yet…which could happen as early as next week. That will be fun.

I’ll post ya some pictures. But forgive me, in the meantime, if I’ve nothing but rants and gibberish for the next 8 weeks. Or 10. Or 12. Let’s hope it’s not 16.

If you’re curious, you can see a little of what we’re up to on the pinboard that’s holding all of the ideas, here.

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