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31 Days to Shine: What’s My Name?

October 5, 2013

You are tone-deaf.

You will never get an A in my class.

You can’t dance.

You aren’t creative.

You’re a loner.

You don’t fit it.

You aren’t as smart as your brother.

These slurs weren’t all for me – some of them were – but I’ve heard them all whispered by their victims, raw and painful as the day they first heard them.

Sometimes the labels we wear aren’t signs we’ve made for ourselves. Sometimes, the shame sign comes from the words of another. Often someone we should be able to trust.





Off-hand remarks, deliberate slights, drive-by shootings – it doesn’t matter. The scars burn deep and like a tattoo, we wear that label on our skin. It can take years to heal, but often, it never does.

These labels are shades to our shine, preventing us the freedom and honesty to be the shiny people God intended us to be. They are lies, and being shiny is about telling the truth. The real truth.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you some sweet success stories of women who were able to kick their labels to the curb.

Sometimes, just giving our fear a name and writing it down is enough for us to let it go.

Being shiny isn’t about being happy and perfect all the time. It’s about telling the truth, and when we tell the truth, we light the path for someone else.

Go then, and be shiny today! Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for her. She needs your glow.



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