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31 Days to Shine: A Foggy Day

October 12, 2013

Every time we open the sliding doors to let a little fresh air blow in, Betsy, the enormous Coon kitten, stands at the door and howls.


Gabe is hammering away in the kitchen, rebuilding one of the walls. The sound of hammering reverberating in the house makes me want to yell at people.

The children have been bickering off and on all day. You would think that a week apart – Oldest was at Science Camp all week – would create a sense of love and bonding between the two. They SAID they missed each other.

They don’t act like it. Youngest argues with everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

As I write, I am surrounded by towers of Christmas decorations and boxes of family memories, photographs, and a bunch of crap I saved from high school. I am in a cave of disorder.

A well of chaos.

A pit of despairrrrrrr. (Read that and hear the voice of the Albino from The Princess Bride.)

Do I sound like I am whining? I am.

This whole remodeling thing has been going on for two weeks and it’s getting old. My kitchen is nothing but studs and sub-floor. I made dinner on the ground, literally, outside the back porch. (I wanted to make them fend for themselves, but I didn’t.)

Note: you cannot boil water on a BBQ. It won’t boil. It gets hot in a pan, but it won’t boil. You can, however, cook pasta in an electric skillet if it’s deep enough.

Now they are eating, and with their mouths full, they aren’t bickering as much.

Betsy has stopped howling. All I can hear right now is the wind blowing through the avocado tree outside.


(And then I look up and the six-year-old has sneaked into my office and begins to play drums on the boxes of Christmas decorations).

Is it bedtime yet? On days like this, I like them so much better when I look in on them at 10 o’clock. All tousled heads and tossed sheets.

How was your Saturday? At least let me live vicariously. Tell me about how you made a wonderful, Pinterest-y meal, baked cookies, or simply lounged around your neat and tidy homes. Or went to the beach. I think everyone I know in California went to the beach today. At least that’s what Facebook tells me.

But as we all know, Facebook lies. More shine tomorrow, friends.

Being shiny isn’t about being happy and perfect all the time. It’s about telling the truth, and when we tell the truth, we light the path for someone else.

Go then, and be shiny today! Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for her. She needs your glow.


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  1. October 13, 2013 5:40 pm

    No, dear friend. You were not the only one unhappy and not at the beach. I spent the day grading student’s papers, wiping a snotty nose and yelling (unfortunately) at him to “cover your mouth!!!” for the billionth time! However, I snuggled him at the end of the day, read 20 pages of The Jesus Storybook Bible, and then thanked God for my son.
    Today, there is much of the same, but I think I’m coming down with the cold, and my boy won’t let me nap because he refuses to nap. Somehow, I’m trying to shine on because you said I should! 😉 Thank you for being a comrade-in-boys’-arms! I need you!

    • October 13, 2013 9:10 pm

      Oh, you ARE shining – in solidarity! You may be wiping snotty noses while I’m spaz-wrangling small boys around the grocery store. SOOOOO glad you got the Bible – isn’t it marvelous! Shine on, friend, shine on.

  2. October 14, 2013 3:10 pm

    You are right ,.. Facebook LIES! 😉


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