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31 Days to Shine: Not Lucky. Not Fortunate. Just Blessed.

October 20, 2013

To shine…to illuminate.

To lighten, or brighten.

To add light, shine, glow.

Our broken, cracked selves are precisely what God has designed to show the world the perfection of Jesus.

“Be like Jesus” In the past, in order to be Jesus to the world, we thought we had to BE Jesus – holy, perfect, without messed up lives.

Guess what?

Jesus is messy.

Jesus is unconventional.

Jesus is unexpected.

He did not come to save the righteous, the perfect, the buttoned-up or the brave. He came to save the flawed, the fearful, the meek and the lonely. Being perfect is not our job, it’s His.

This morning, I heard a grace-filled mom talk of how she is shining Jesus in a small, but extraordinarily impactful way.

She spoke of a series she studied in college of how to openly be a Christian without being unapproachable or un-relateable to those outside or unfamiliar with our belief system. The students were given a challenge – remove words like “fate” and “luck” from your vocabulary. Replace them with words like “blessing” instead. Salt your conversation liberally with connotations of belief. People will notice. It gives a starting point to the conversation without being pushy or overt. (I think Jon Acuff pointed out once that “blessed” is an American Idol contestant’s code word for “I’m a Christian!”)

Kara went out o say this:

I’ve done this as a way to remind myself that fate and luck are nothing, but the knowledge and belief that The Lord has given me great things has power. This simple word choice has lifted me out of some potential dark spaces in my Christian journey.

Recently I started this practice again. Often when I’m shopping, strangers will stop and comment on the radiance of my youngest child’s smile. I’m a quiet person and I don’t usually chit-chat with strangers, but instead of being annoyed at the people out shopping who would comment on Haden’s smile, I stopped replying to their “wow, what a happy boy” comments with a disgruntled thank you, into a “He’s a blessing.” That in turn changed my outlook. I now leave those moments thinking, “wow my son just gave someone joy – even if just for a moment they saw the beauty of God.” I know no greater thing than that.

Go then, and be shiny today! Remember, it’s not luck. It’s not good fortune. It’s a blessing. Now go and tell someone else about it. They need your glow.


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