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The Best Christmas Eve Eve Ever

December 23, 2013

There is always a point during the Christmas season at which I GET IT.

That moment, that feeling, this is IT. This is CHRISTMAS.

As of this morning, I hadn’t gotten it yet. My older was down with a stomach bug, and I am running around with cans of Lysol and Clorox wipes, sanitizing the snot out of every door knob and light switch in the house. I will NOT be undone by a virus three days before Christmas!

But IT was still missing.

I watched a dorky Christmas movie Friday night. All by myself. It was horrifically cliché (A Princess for Christmas) and I loved it anyway, and I cried. All by myself. Because there was no one there to enjoy it with me. Mom would have loved it.

Yesterday, I tried to bake. Because that always brings on The Feeling of Christmas. But the boys were more interested in their LEGOs than baking cute snowman and angels. They each cut out a token cookie or two, and left me to them alone. All by myself.

I forced them to watch Miracle on 34th Street because it is the best Christmas movie ever (next to It’s a Wonderful Life) and they didn’t care much for that either.

(I think I’m going to start a support group for Sentimental Boy Moms of UnSentimental Children.  Want to join?)

No  one seemed interested in tradition. Doing the same things year after year because they bring good memories.

But tonight…it all changed.

My youngest wanted to help me make cookies, so we invented a batch all our own – Cranberry Orange Chocolate Chip. And they were awesome. And my little foodie loved them.

I made up a plate and sent him to the next-door neighbors house. He delivered and wanted to do it again, so we delivered three more on our street. And then we went for a walk (run) around the block and over hill and dale, burning up 6 -year-old energy and giving out cookies, and It Happened. 

The Feeling of Christmas. When Giving is the Best Part of Everything. When Tradition Means Something. When walking around the block to look at Christmas lights is the highlight of your day. When you have Someone to Share It With, and getting to bed on time really isn’t all that important.

It was the best Christmas Eve Eve Ever. I hope you had a good one, too.

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  1. December 23, 2013 7:36 pm

    Hip, hip, hooray! Glad it turned into a special one. (And I’ll be joining your support group! ) Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

  2. Melody Halfenger permalink
    December 23, 2013 9:20 pm

    Just read this and thought I would share. This christmas has been hard for me to feel IT also. I used to be the christmas master having all decorations up before thanksgiving, a sleigh and reindeer on the front lawn all lit up. I have no lights this year as lights just are too much work for a person that is scared of climbing a ladder and can’t justify paying someone $$$ to put them up for me. I used to have my ENTIRE house decorated including bathrooms and a tree in the living room, family and Em’s bedroom. This year I have been hearing rodents running around and although Kilroy assures me there are none in the attic where the decorations are stored I CAN NOT go up there and bring them down and can not justify paying $$$ to have someone do it for me especially when I have to confess I may have rodents in my house. We went on our trip and that was our christmas gift to each other except a few small things. My brother’s(ex I hope) girlfriend doesn’t like (although she never said to my face) them spending Christmas with us. They broke up a few days ago and my brother admitted to me that she said they could come to my house for Christmas for a little while but we couldn’t have Psycho donuts. My brother and I have been trying really hard to come up with our own traditions since we don’t have much family and that was one of them. Psycho donuts, presents, he and Em played music together, and then we went to a movie and came back here for dinner. It has been really rough feeling comfortable with a NEW tradition. Especially since Emily is older now and there are no small children to focus on. His (ex) girlfriend didn’t want to do that. She is the kind of person that everything has to be all about her. If I was a punch in the face kind of person I think I could just punch her.

    My stepdaughter’s mother just had knee surgery and is in the hospital and my stepdaughter shares custody of the girls now so trying to spend time with them is difficult. Hopefully we will get to see them at least one day.

    I went to church on Sunday and had someone close to me say something not very nice to me….even if they didn’t mean to my feelings were crushed AND they said it in front of another person. All the people that I hugged and felt joy from and this person just squashed it.

    Em has a friend that she has been texting and skyping with for about 8 months that lives in Canada. Her mom and dad are divorced. Her dad doesn’t like what Christmas has become so really doesn’t celebrate it. Her mom was an alcoholic so she hash’t had much contact with her until recently when she stopped drinking. Em’s friend wanted to come visit from Canada and has never even flown before. After much discussion and my skyping with her and getting to know her I said yes….she could come stay with us and spend Christmas with us. She arrived tonight and is delightful. She is the same age as Em but school in Canada is different so she hasn’t graduated yet. She wants to “go to University” to study culinary arts. She is happy doing whatever we want to do although we have been asking her about what she wants to see while she’s here. She and Emily just went to visit some friends from Em’s school and you know what….I finally feel IT. I think my brother is coming over for Christmas day without the girlfriend, I think we are going to Folsom to see my granddaughters on the 26th and we have all agreed to not exchanging gifts this year. Just donuts and a few things for the kids and showing someone from Canada how we do Christmas.

    So happy Christmas Eve Eve and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  3. Melody permalink
    December 24, 2013 12:25 pm

    Sorry for the major vent. Your post just hit home. I can’t expect everyone to think about me at Christmas. That is just selfish. I have been a grinch since November. Hate when I feel this way.

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