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Show Me Some Shine

December 26, 2013

Delivering a truck-load (picture shown is HALF full) of extra gifts LEFT OVER from our church’s food and toy drive to City Team ministries in time to bless a few hundred kids on Christmas.

Inventing cookies. Cranberry Orange Chocolate Chip.

Christmas Eve, lit from within and without, surrounded by those I love and those that love me.

Christmas Day, a house filled with loved ones, no longer a construction zone but a place of sharing food and friendship. Perfect.

Shiny Christmas

Those are the shiny bits of my life tonight.

What lit you up this week? 


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  1. Linda G. Cannon permalink
    December 27, 2013 4:15 pm

    This was my first Christmas without my mother. She went to be with Jesus barely a month ago. While growing up, Christmas Eve was always Our Big Deal – We could share it with my maternal grandparents, who’s only grandchildren were my sister and me.
    We would have a lavish buffet, with a table covered with all sorts of Christmas delights. During that evening, many of our other family members would drop by, chat, enjoy something from the table, then go on to other events.
    My sister and I would plan our own Christmas Program months before. It included Christmas Carols, reading of the Christmas Story from Luke 2, and a skit. Sometimes the skit was Christmas related, and sometimes it was just silly.
    My extended family is 400 miles away. My dad is ill, and it was not possible to gather again. I spent a lovely, quiet Christmas Eve with my son, expecting daughter-in-law, and my two lovely grandchildren. I showed up wearing red polka-dot pajamas, and got a good laugh. We sat down to a nice, candlelight meal. Thomas, aged 5 1/2, asked for God’s blessing on us and our meal. Afterwards, we opened gifts (including one for Baby-boy-on-the-way), watched Despicable Me 2, and ate popcorn. There was no skit- but I will work on that for next year.
    You are right, Adelle, God is Always Good!

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