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Gratitude Monday: March 10

March 10, 2014

Gratitude Monday

Writing this while the family was quietly gathered in the room, so I took a poll. Their answers were:

  • My ice cream cone. (muffled by slurps)
  • Being able to play LEGOs today (everything is awesomeeeee…)
  • For my new family (the kids answer for the dog)
  • Time with my family (said the man who had to work on Sunday)

And now mine:

For the sunshine. Walks with dogs and boys. Sweet-smelling, freshly cut grass, doors open to the breeze and time spent sitting on the patio, doing nothing but listening to the buzz of bees overhead.

For grace. For the privilege of working for a church, and the burden of taking The Call when sorrow floods in. For the warmth and love of a family of believers, linked by our common love for Him, whose arms stretch wider than the sunrise. For the grace to keep going even when it hurts. For the gift of prayer.

For parsley and basil and foods full of flavor. For goat cheese and the magic that is balsamic vinegar. For tomatoes dried in the sun, apples crisp and grapes cold from the fridge. For the mystery that is coffee. For cheese. You can never have too much cheese. Oh, Lord, I am so thankful for cheese.

For Saturday naps in a sunny room, little boys sleepy on my bed. “I’m not tired!” said the boy who wasn’t tired and then suddenly, he was. Zzzzzzz.


Your turn: What are YOU thankful for on this March Monday?


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  1. March 13, 2014 5:31 pm

    So grateful that the sweet young and MATURE gal stuck around.


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