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Gratitude Monday: March 17 (Afternoon Edition)

March 17, 2014

Gratitude Monday

For sleep. I’ve not had enough, it seems. for weeks and weeks. I’m sure it’s only days, but my eyes are heavy and my brain is full of cotton. I just want to crawl into my pillow-top and stay there awhile, but life doesn’t let that happen very often. I know that sleep WILL come, eventually, and I’m thankful for that.

For a tribe. People with whom I turn to when prayer is needed, or I just need to vent. For grandparents who carry the burden and relieved us of one boy for a few days, so that we only had one tired, exhausted, boy to take care of, not two.


For guts, and perseverance, and sticktoitiveness, especially when present in your own child. Colin positively radiated with all his glory and might as he trod the boards for three nights running, overcoming fatigue, stage fright  and one horrific case of contact dermatitis as a result of wearing foundation for the first time.

For Spring in the Winter. Balmy days sandwiched in between more obedient late winter ones with fluffy clouds sucrrying across the sky and leaves skittering in the breeze. But the calm, warm, anomaly of a day we had yesterday was delight.

Your turn: What are YOU thankful for on this March Monday?


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