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Not Having All the Answers, or Really, Any of Them

April 8, 2014

The problem with blogging is that those of us who blog also read a lot of blogs.

And when you read a lot of blogs, it’s very easy to come under the disillusion that everybody out there has all the answers.

But you don’t.

I don’t have any answers. Or at least, very few of them. So, I stop writing. Because, what do I know?

I suppose I know one thing…if you think you know what you’re doing, you will wake up tomorrow and find out that you don’t.

I am living in a hamster wheel these days. Lots of redundancy. Lots of repetition. Very little progress. I am a girl who is driven by results, so you might guess (and you would be right) that this lack of progress might be causing me the teensy-weensiest bit of agida.

Okay, lots of agida.

I go to work every day, and I do basically the same things every day. I go to the gym three times a week, ish. I get two kids dressed in the same red and navy uniforms and I drive to the same school which is also my workplace and I sit at a desk for eight hours and at lunch I run errands to places like Target and Trader Joe’s. Then I go home and make them dinner and it starts all over again.

Going to the gym when you are over 40 kind of stinks. Lots of pain and very little gain. Or loss. Sort of a lot of status quo. I exercise in order to eat.

Parenting is it’s own brand of drudgery. There are rewards, but there is a lot of sameness and repetition as well. I wash the clothes, they get dirty again. I empty the laundry basket, it gets filled with the exact same uniforms. I straighten up one room, leave, and come back to find it’s been turned into a fort. I vacuum the floor, and 12 seconds later, a tuft of dog hair crawls out from under the buffet and wave at me.

Lots of repetition. Very little progress.

I lost 600 followers on Faceobok last week. 600 followers that were hard earned over the course of YEARS, thousands of posts and status updates and photos. All because Facebook decided to change their policy for who sees what, and how much that is going to cost people like me – authors, restaurants, small businesses – those 600 people who made the personal choice to follow me will not see anything I post on Facebook any more (or at least, very few of them) unless I pay to have my posts promoted by Facebook. So, Social Media, which has always been free, is no longer free. Whereas a post six months ago would be viewed by 400 or so of my followers, this blog, when I vainly post it to Facebook tomorrow, will get seen by maybe 20.

That’s discouraging. In an industry where the number of followers can make or break a book contract, it’s downright disheartening. I might have even cried a little. Two steps forward, one and three-quarters back.

Lots of repetition. Very little progress.

So there you go. This is just me, not having all the answers, or really, any of them.

Can you relate?


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  1. April 8, 2014 6:33 am

    I have a very similar post pending. Except the fb part. But the sameness of every day…the repetition. Yes, I get it. Somedays I wonder what the goal is…what am I working towards? Hang in there…

  2. April 8, 2014 7:01 am

    As a fellow blogger, I feel your pain on the FB algorithm. Maddening. Trying to console myself with the truth that I write for an audience of ONE and that He can do whatever He wishes with my offering. Standing with you!

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