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May 23, 2014

Practicing Perseverance

“Check out these GUNS!” My eight-year-old raced into the room wearing nothing but flannel snowman pajama bottoms, and proudly posed for me, arms bent tight in a classic body-builders stance. Little sinews and bones so lean that the muscles, while still tiny and childlike, stood in sharp definition. His four-year-old brother trotted behind, trying to do the same, chubby belly pooching over his bedtime pull-up. They turned circles, grunting and growling, before tumbling into the floor in a tangle of testosterone and legs.


Little men, longing to be big ones, strong and capable. The toddler’s battle cry: “I can do it!” howled  long before they really can. As they’ve gotten older, life has gotten bigger, and the battle cry begins to change. “I can’t!” they cry before they’ve even begun. “It’s too hard!”

It might be homework. It might be the sea of fallen leaves on a lawn. It might be emptying the dishwasher or carrying groceries in from the car. Life is full of challenges. Life is full of resistance.

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