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First Day of School (And yes, I’m still here!)

August 20, 2014

Not exactly Pinterest-worthy, but, as my husband pointed out after I erased the “6” for the third time, it doesn’t have to be perfect, does it?

Happy start of school!

We began a great new adventures this morning with our first day in 6th grade, at a new school. As I dropped him off, I whispered: “It’s the first day of school for me, too, buddy! I don’t know anyone either!” Delightfully, I found the other parents to be more than welcoming and friendly. Phew.

I’m still around, still writing. I took the summer off of blogging because well, I was just burned out. Blogging is tough, especially when you think (or realize) that no one is really reading! But you all surprised me with the kind words and reaching out over the last few weeks. Thank you! Your notes and comments are, as always, a gift. I’m still writing for LifeWay’s ParentLife Magazine; watch for articles this Christmas and next spring. I’m elated that I finally got to write about gardening and kids and how they are MFEO! You can read that one next March.

Lots of love and hugs. Grace and peace to you in abundance! More boy-love and mama-drama will be coming your way, soon. ‘Cause we got plenty around here.

photo 2

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  1. Christy A. permalink
    August 20, 2014 11:26 am

    Pretty boys!

  2. pastordt permalink
    August 21, 2014 9:06 pm

    Welcome back, Adelle. You have been missed.

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