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Re-Post: The Day We Met (June 17)

June 17, 2015


So, this happened.

Twelve. TWELVE?! How, I do not know. Because, this only just happened…


It was the day after Father’s Day. It was hot. A Monday.

It was seven years ago, today.

I remember being so afraid I couldn’t stop shaking. Anxious and anticipating. Ecstatic that the day had finally come. Terrified of the outcome.

When we first met, you were crying.

I cried, too.

When you heard my voice, though, you stopped, and listened.

I was fuzzy from the drugs they gave to me, but I can still remember that moment clearly – touching your tiny head with my swollen fingers. They took you from me then, and left me alone.

I cried some more. Overwhelmend with what had just happened, and overwhelmingly alone. I missed my mom more at that moment than I think in the last decade. Your grandmother would have loved to be there with you. I know that for certain.

We were given a room, and you were given back to me, healthy, hearing, breathing and perfect. We celebrated then – friends and family came in a steady stream the next four days. Grammie was there, and Papa, too. So many people were anxious to meet you. From the day you were born, my little son, you were special, and wanted, and loved.

I don’t remember much of the first few days but what is in these photos. I was hurting – my body that is. My heart was rejoicing in every moment with you. But it was painful, bringing you into the world.

I immediately checked you for your father’s chin – it was there. I was so happy to see it on your wee little jaw. I found you extraordinarily beautiful. I don’t think I was blinded by a mother’s love – you were exquisite.

And you still are.

Unique and wonderful. Like no one I’ve ever met before, and I love you so much it hurts. I love watching you grow and learn and become.

I can’t wait to find out who you are going to be, and how you’re going to get there.

We had a great lunch date today, you and I. I tried to tell you this story, and ended up crying all over my orange chicken. You thought it was a little weird, but I think you understood.

June 17 is an important day to me. A day worth celebrating, rejoicing.

It was the day we met.


Go kiss your babies, right this minute. Because when you blink, they are not going to be babies any longer. They are going to have big feet, hairy legs, wonky teeth and they will HATE it when you try to fix their hair.




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