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Gratitude Monday

August 10, 2015

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A few things I’m grateful for today:

A husband who loves to cook

I mean LOVES. He makes aprons look sexy. I am perfectly capable of cooking. But I don’t love it like he does. He spends HOURS trying new things…last month it was ravioli. This weekend? Pretzels. There are no words for the sheer and utter bliss of a hot-from-the-oven soft pretzel. I am reminded that, I am an evil genius. The reason the man who cooks turned to baking? All my doing. Genius. Pure genius.

A Trip to the ER

Youngest boy and I made our first trip to the ER this week. I’m proud to say that this time, I did NOT forget to kiss and comfort my son before springing into action when he was presented to me in my office bleeding profusely from a badly split lower lip. But, he did win the race. With his face. Into a metal fence. He was trying to impress a girl…”She was really fast!”

He was rewarded for his valor with a discharge prescribing antibiotic ointment and popsicles. And we were in and out of the ER in 90 minutes. I call that a pretty great outcome.


This is his terrified “Am I getting stitches?” face as we were being admitted into the ER…

Humans of New York

Just a photographer with nothing better to do than take portraits and tell stories about strangers on the streets of New York and the world. But when we tell our stories, we connect with each other. We cannot hear someone’s story and remain the same. This summer, Brandon Stanton is in Pakistan and posting daily portraits from his travels that are so raw and exquisite in their humanity, I’m nearly in tears every time. If you’re not following HONY, you should.

Continuing in the tradition of last summer, I’m going to be travelling during the month of August and posting stories from overseas. Only this time I’ll be visiting two countries instead of trying to span the world, because that was exhausting, and it also caused my poor senile dog to forget my existence. The first stop is Pakistan. Hope you enjoy.

For the Love of Parenting

This video short by Jen Hatmaker plugging her new book For the Love really summarizes where we stand on parenting. (It’s affirming to hear it from someone else.) “We don’t cry foul every time a teacher calls and says our kids are acting whack. I know they are. I live with them.” Amen. We’re not raising kids, we’re raising adults, and now is the time for small failures that will lead to big learning.

Books I’m Reading:

51MCVqJLupL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A charming summer read. Written for Young Adults, but just as enjoyable for the sort-of-grown-ups like me.

61oh3lXLiLL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Loved this book set in Northern Italy’s Cinque Terre. Because, I’M FINALLY GOING! *insert happy dance* We’ve talked of Europe for 17 years of marriage. But life and kids happen, and we just never got over there. Finally, we’re headed across the pond in the fall. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

allTheLightHands down, the best novel I’ve read in the last five years. Breathtaking.  I know I told you about it already. It’s worth repeating.

And Lastly, Happy Endings

“Ya happy? Good. Now let’s go home and you can cut my grass.”

I love this. Two orphaned kids get a happy ending from a guy who understands what love really is.

What are you grateful for today?


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