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Friday Favorites (What I’m In To This Week)

September 4, 2015

Best Video:

A little spoof on When Harry Met Sally. By none other than, Cookiemonster.

Best Thing I’ve Never Eaten (Yet):

This is a thing in Monterosso, one of the hill towns of Cinque Terre. I’ll be eating this, and soon.


Pasticceria Laura via V. Emanuele 59, Monterosso

Torta Monterossina The torte has a pastry crust and layers of sponge cake, apricot preserves, pastry cream and dark chocolate. Serve warm. I can’t stop thinking about this…

Best Things I’ve Read:

Dear Darling College Freshman Girls, couldn’t have expressed this any better, an I certainly am not this funny. by Jen Hatmaker

Human of New York continues the series from Iran this week – they are all amazing, but this 3/3 series on architect and designer Leila Araghian is especially beautiful.

Leila Araghian is the young architect behind Tehran’s recently completed Tabiat Bridge. Construction of the bridge was completed in 2014 despite the difficulties of international sanctions. The bridge has become a cultural and physical centerpiece of Tehran, and Leila captured the imagination of the architecture world by winning the right to design it at the age of 26.

Best Quote:


Tabiat bridge, Tehran, Iran

It’s surreal that this once existed in my mind. I’ve seen it one million times on a computer monitor. I know every single one of these pipes, and I remember the moment that I decided where to place them. Now I am so much smaller than something that once only existed in my imagination. I can stand inside of it. It feels like being inside a movie that you directed or a book that you wrote. And you can’t help but feel powerful.

Leila Araghian

Best Meme:

Amen and amen.


Best Writing Exercise (and a Throwback)

It’s a fascinating thing to go back and look at stuff I wrote years ago. This was a writing exercise about roots – all the whats and whys and whos that make you who you are. Where I’m From is an original poem by George Ella Lyon but has been used for many years as a writing exercise and prompt. You can read more about that here. I encourage you to give it and try (then come back and tell me about it). It’s one of one of my favorite exercises that I’ve completed over the years.


Where I’m From

Best #Sleepattack

Sleep does not come upon my youngest child calmly and quietly…it sneaks up on him and attacks. He falls prey, helpless, every night and I take photos of the best and post them to my Instagram. Here’s my favorite from this week:


Happy Friday, everyone! What are you in to this week?



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