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Beautiful Reality #thisisreal

October 1, 2015


To those of you who joined in the conversation during last week’s series on Huntington’s Disease, thank you.

Thank you for all of the encouragement and helping to break the silence and shame surrounding this horrific illness. Thank you for reading, for tweeting and sharing and liking. Those three posts brought in more new readers than anything I’ve ever written to date.

And now for something completely different, but related.

In the six months since I received the results of my genetic testing, I have tried to wrap my brain around what life is going to look like in twenty years. I had never imagined that far. I’ve never imagined my life beyond the age of 45. But now, I have longevity to look forward to – that runs in the family, too, in fact. Grandpa is still kicking at 93, and my great-grandmother waved good-riddance (she was so ready to be done) at 97.

The last couple of years, I’ve joined in the blogging tradition of #31days – writing/blogging/posting every day for the 31 days of October: 31 Days of a Life That Shines. 


This year, I’m going to be participating in a visual series called #thisisreal – a challenge to post photos of the beautiful reality that is our everyday.

“The pictures are pretty, but the struggle is real.” It was an idea beautifully articulated by, The Joy of Missing Out author Christina Cook. In a blog post, she writes:

Slowly, over time, I’ve been trying to match my outsides to my insides. To not paste on a happy face on a terrible, no-good day. Bit by bit I’ve been trying to even my online score by posting hard stuff to offset the selfies that have been through so many filters no one knows what my skin colour looks like anymore.

I’ve said it before – we were all meant to shine, but the cracks are how the light gets through.

When we allow ourselves that vulnerability, it empowers those around us to do the same. Shining is contagious. I’m going to let my beautiful reality get some sunshine over the next 31 days.

let your light shine


Here are the deets. Will you join me?

You don’t have to be a writer with a blog (but if you are, feel free to use the above image to launch the campaign with your readers).

You don’t have to be a photographer – but you will need a camera.

The challenge is: for the month of October, post pictures and captions of life as it really is: in its glory and in its muck. #thisisreal. This isn’t about authenticity for authenticity’s sake. It’s about an invitation to be something other than the gussied-up versions of ourselves – because to be human is a beautiful thing.

#thisisreal: It is about honesty, but it is also about compassion – because the pictures are pretty, but the struggle is real.

Follow me on Twitter @readygogetset or Instagram @adellegabrielson to see the story unfold.

You know, this is going to be fun. I have two boys. My boymom reality is a great and terrible beauty, an amalgam of dirty socks, sticky hands, sleepy snuggles, exuberant kisses and hair gel.

See you in October!


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