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Beautiful Reality #thisisreal – Day 7

October 7, 2015

 I guess the most important thing about admitting reality is that I don’t always feel like talking about it.

I didn’t post all weekend. I didn’t want to tell you about how my son screamed at me and slammed his bedroom door, twice, because I wouldn’t let him have another soda.

I didn’t want to show you the piles of laundry I had let go all week, only to tackle them Sunday night just so the boys would have something to wear to school on Monday.

I didn’t want to talk about how bad the drought is here in California, how old-growth trees are dying of thirst, and that all the lawns and the hillsides and the yards are parches from lack of rain and mandatory water-rationing. My beautiful backyard is barely hanging on with limited water, and another week of hot temperatures to look forward to.

Sometimes it’s just easier to be silent.

But sometimes, it’s better to speak out.



This photo was taken at the end of my sophomore year of college. It is, quite literally, the last picture I have of mom and I before she became markedly symptomatic with Huntington’s Disease. It hurts to look at this photo, because my final college years were confusing and scary. When the realization hit, the day before I graduated, I was devastated.

Devastated doesn’t really describe it. I tried to explain it to a friend that I felt like I was bleeding to death, internally. All the fear and pain of watching my grandmother succumb to HD….

The picture is pretty, but the struggle is real. The beginning of the end.

Do you want to know more? Watch this documentary and see first-hand the horror that is HD. The more who know, the greater our chance for a cure.

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  1. patthesilverlady permalink
    October 7, 2015 9:12 am

    Such pain is difficult to revisit and yet you are doing so to help others. Just this morning I was reading in Philippians 2 how we should look not only to our own interests but also to the interests of others. When we do, God is glorified. May your courage continue to bring hope and comfort and may your heart be blessed.

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