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Making New Friends Was Easier In Elementary School

April 21, 2017

Once upon a time, all it took to make a new friend were four simple words: “Do you wanna play?”

The end. Off we scampered to the swings, or the monkey bars, or the shady spot under the redwood trees that lined our school’s grassy field, and the deed was done. Friends made, simple as that.

(Keeping them was another story, but that’s not my point.)

These days, making new friends is much harder and far more ridden with angst. Doing so on your own turf is hard enough, but couple that with moving into an entirely new locale, doubly so. 

Making new friends, these days, takes guts. A willingness to put yourself out there, and risk rejection.

This week, my first post went live on the City Moms Blog Network, a nationwide blog collective with hubs all over the country. I write for the Seacoast Moms Blog which caters to the moms of the Seacoast region (Maine, New Hampshire, and northern Massachusetts). I wrote about this struggle to make new friends, and all the feelings involved.

Check it out! Let me know what you think.

Mom-Dating Takes Moxie: Making New Friends After A Move

“Do you want to meet for coffee sometime?” By the time I got the words out, I was sweating. She hesitated before answering. I was certain she was trying to find a way to decline. But then, she smiled.

“Sure! Do you want to bring the kids or should we get a sitter?” Huge sigh of relief–yet another Mom-Date on the calendar, and my quest for making new friends continued.

I’m the new kid around here, a transplant from the West Coast where I’d lived pretty much my entire life. Yet, I was undaunted at this move to New England. I’m friendly! I’m outgoing! I thought that somehow I’d find my new community if I looked hard enough. A ready-made home team of players to be a part of our new life. They would invite me over, and their kids would love to play with mine. We’d just KNOW we were meant to be BFFs from day one…

Yet, after months of desperate loneliness, I realized that making new friends wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

Read more…

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Do you find it easy to make friends now that you are an adult?

What’s your favorite pick-up line? 


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