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Roasted Summer Tomato Quiche

September 16, 2019

At our house, we love quiche and we love summer tomatoes. But, Colin doesn’t like the texture of a cooked tomato – many of the fresh tomato tarts just use slices. So I tried to come up with a way to make a summer tomato tart/quiche that involved a tomato puree (based on this recipe from the NY Times) but still utilized our own summer tomatoes, not canned.

I used the Mediterranean Whole Wheat Pie Crust – it was beautifully pliable and easy to roll. I will totally make this again! And, as far as pie crusts go, this one packs more protein and much lower fat macros than a traditional crust.

I roasted the tomatoes, garlic and a whole yellow onion according to this tried and tested method: When Bad Tomatoes Go Good. 

Then I basically followed the rest of the recipe for the Winter Tomato Quiche. I pureed all that yummy, roasty goodness in the blender. Dumped it into a saucepan with the additional herbs (I used fresh thyme and basil) and boiled it down for another 15 minutes until there was almost no liquid left. Added it into the egg and cheese mixture according to the directions and baked it in my two little tart pans for ~45 minutes.

Next time, however, I’ll do it in a single pie dish – the tart pans were cute, but we didn’t like the quiche-to-crust ratio and they were thin. I’ll also do more than just par-bake the crust – I’ll fully pre-cook the crust before baking the quiche – whole wheat takes longer to bake, and ours was still chewy on the bottom. Not awful, but crispy would have been nicer. And I will probably add more herbs. Because you can never have too much basil…

Served with a simple green salad dressed in lemon juice and olive oil, topped with feta crumbles, this was a perfect late summer meal!

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