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About Me




That pretty much sums it up.


I spent years feeling disgruntled and discontent — I spent years struggling with worry, fear, doubt and a daily sense of failure. Through a journey of personal discovery, loss, grief and God’s gentle guidance, I have found freedom in my flaws. If I can help just one more person find that same sense of personal peace and contentment, then the journey been worthwhile.


I write about my boys – there are two. Most of  my humor stems from interactions with them (you can’t make this stuff up). I write about what I love, and my apron-wearing partner in crime and parenthood (and the guy who leaves dirty socks on my bedroom floor six inches from the hamper). I write about books I read (see category “Worth Repeating”), what makes me laugh, and sometimes, what makes me cry.

After being a full-time working mom for nearly 15 years, I now spend my days working from home, and evenings trying to keep the peace (and our house from burning down). In the empty spaces between those two lives, I’m writing or speaking, and with what is left over, you can find me reading, digging in the garden, or shopping for shoes.

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