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On Speaking

I would love to speak at your next event!  Have a specific topic or theme in mind? No problem. I’m happy to develop a presentation around your theme. Just ask!

Listen: Audio sample of a short talk I gave on Easter Sunday in front of the Campbell Church of Christ “At the Foot of the Cross”

Audio sample of “The Epidemic of Entitlement” Mothers Together, Danville, CA

Current Topics:

NEW! Known: Authentic Community

Authentic community isn’t something we find, it’s something we create.


Courageous Contentment

Finding the courage to live joyfully with what we have in the season of life we’re in. 

Flawed and Fearless

Using Our Imperfections to Reflect the Perfection of Jesus

“That’s Not Fair!” The Epidemic of Entitlement

How to turn a child’s “I wants” into a contentment that’s contagious!

What people are saying:

“Adelle was an absolute blessing from the Lord in speaking to our Women’s ministry, on the importance of community. The truth in her message was showered with so much personal love and experience. She opened her heart to us and spoke right into the soul’s of so many women that needed to hear just that. I am so thankful for her authenticity and love for the Lord. Thank you Adelle for speaking at our Women’s event, we look forward to having you again!”

~Kelsey Davidson, Bethany Church, Raymond, NH

“Adelle carries a message with a clear purpose and the gift of bridging the gap between generations. This mother-less mother addresses audiences with an admirable rawness, laced with gentle and humorous anecdotes. Coupled with her fantastic shoe connection, Adelle projects grace and confidence in her story.”

~Corridan Coss, Felton, CA

“Useful… Applicable… Thought-provoking… Wonderful… Life-changing… Best speaker ever!”

~CPC Mothers Together, Danville, CA 

“Thanks again for coming to visit us and bless us with your words. We had such great feedback from the moms, I even heard ‘she has been my favorite speaker, ever. Wow, what a blessing you have been to us!”

-Andrea Meek, Coordinator, Ripon MOPS

“We so enjoyed having Adelle speak at a one-day women’s event at our church. Her words were real, honest, and heartfelt. Her openness and personal stories sparked conversations that we may never have started otherwise. At the end of the day, I felt like I knew a few people (several that I have known for many years) much more deeply. Her message about shame, authenticity, and imperfection really hit the spot for so many of us!”

-Lauren Ray, Family Life Minister, Walnut Creek Church of Christ 

“Adelle’s passion for mothering and practical tips for raising future adults inspired and encouraged our moms! With a blend of humor and hard-hitting facts, she provided helpful tools for parenting that can be used at all different stages. It was a delight to have her with us!”

-Danielle Brown, Director of Women’s Ministries, Faith Community Church

“Our Saturday mini-retreat was a resounding success! Working and planning for it with Adelle was such a blessing. We loved how she took our ideas, melded them with her own and together we came up with a perfect day filled with spiritual awareness, sharing and fun… Our ladies enjoyed so very much her presentations that had a beautiful balance of serious and funny. Many are still commenting about what a meaningful and fun day it was. ”

-Sandy Welch, Retreat Coordinator, Eastside Church of Christ

“Adelle spoke to us from her heart and her life experiences, so we felt like we were listening to our best friend share and encourage us. She used powerful Biblical examples of flawed and broken people being fearless in the presence of the Master!”

-Virginia John, Antioch, CA

“There is nothing more refreshing than hearing a woman of faith share her story.  Adelle Gabrielson does just that as she shares how God has brought her out of the shame we often feel in our own flaws and shortcomings into the glory of becoming a fearless child of God.  Her moving story brought tears to my eyes more than once and provided me with the courage to look deep down inside of myself, searching for ways that I can use my imperfections to better show the perfection of Christ in me.  With beautiful quotes, a compelling story and word pictures that penetrate the soul, Adelle addresses some of the tough questions and brings a great Light into the darkness!”

-Amy Redelsperger. Rancho Cordova MOPS

“With humor and honesty, Adelle shared her story and life learnings at our women’s retreat. Her high energy and welcoming smile helped her connect with women of all ages as she brought us hope and encouragement. She spoke about everyday life and challenged us to connect more closely with each other and God. We will definitely ask her back!”

-Sandy Hoag, Women’s Ministry Team, Campbell Church of Christ

“Adelle Gabrielson is a writer and speaker who engages you in delightful conversations about all of the encounters in life – about the joys and challenges of being a wife, a mom of lively boys, a working-outside-the-home-woman, a gardener, a person who likes fashion and great food, a person in this chaotic and crazy world who has to be many things in many environments. Adelle looks at all of life with candor, with creativity, with emotion, with thoughtfulness, and humor. Adelle, in writing and speaking, brings you to a place where you can see the beauty and specialness in everyday life with gratitude and find joy in those moments.”

-Karen Smith

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