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Flawed and Fearless

Using our imperfections to reflect the perfection of Jesus.

Don’t air your laundry in public. Keep up appearances. Worry about what the neighbors think.

Women of any age can relate to that inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough, that we’re hopelessly flawed, and that isolation is better than losing our reputation. But if we’re living fearlessly, these broken, imperfect fragments can be reassembled, like a beautiful mosaic, into a masterpiece made more lovely by the cracks in between the pieces.

When we let go of this concept of being perfect, friendship happens. Connections happen. You’re not the only one and you are not alone!

With personal stories, humor and honesty, Adelle shares how to find freedom in our flaws. This presentation and discussion will encourage moms to

  • take risks, confronting labels they’ve been given or have given themselves,
  • be open about imperfection, realizing that it’s in our imperfections that we find connections with each other.
  • have the confidence to share their story, offering hope to someone else.

For we are the poetry of God! The Bible tells that that even in all our flaws, we are still His workmanship — created to reflect the perfection of Jesus. It’s not our job to be perfect, it’s His. 

I’d love to speak at your next women’s event! Have a specific topic or theme in mind? No problem. I’d love to develop a presentation around your theme. Just ask! For booking information, please contact me for a speaker’s kit. 

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