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Parenting and Life as a Boy-Mom

Hearty, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Winter Soups, Seacoast Moms Blog, December 2017

Turning Attitude Into Gratitude: 4 Ways to Help Your Child Be Thankful, Seacoast Moms Blog, November 2017

A Love Letter to My Strong-Willed Child, Seacoast Moms Blog, November 2017

Dog-Friendly Spaces (For Your Four-Legged Kids), Seacoast Moms Blog, November 2017

The Curse of Thursdays For the School-Aged Child, Seacoast Moms Blog, October 2017

Guide to a Stress-Free Professional Family Photo Shoot: Ashley Shea Photography, Seacoast Moms Blog, October 2017

Awesome 80s Family Movies To Watch (Again) With Your Kids, Seacoast Moms Blog, September 2017

7 Time-Saving Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks For Busy Working Moms, Seacoast Moms Blog, August 2017

Time Savers for Busy Moms: Making Meal Prep Easy, Seacoast Moms Blog, June 2017

Hey, Tired Working Mom! You ARE Enough!, Seacoast Moms Blog, June 2017

Where to Go: Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room & Seabrook’s New Emergency Room, Seacoast Moms Blog, May 2017

High Heels to Stroller Wheels: From A Working Woman to Motherhood, Seacoast Moms Blog, May 2017

Robots, Road Trips and Changing the World: 10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Boy-Mom, May 2017

Mom-Dating Takes Moxie: Making New Friends After A Move. Seacoast Moms Blog, April 2017

Tips For Moving, Part III, ParentLife, Lifeway, July 2017

Tips For Moving, Part II, ParentLife, Lifeway, June 2017

7 Tips For Moving, ParentLife, Lifeway, May 2017

Windshield Time, ParentLife, LifeWay, July 2016

Things Moms Say; What Kids Hear, ParentLife, LifeWay, May 2016

ER Survival: A Parent’s Guide, ParentLife, LifeWay, April 2016

Little Miracles, For Every Mom, September 2015

When You Wonder If Parenting Is Going To Be Worth It, For Every Mom, August 2015

Not For Sale, For Every Mom, August 2015

What Moms Say vs. What BOYS Hear, For Every Mom, July 2015

Willpower Workout, ParentLife, LifeWay, July 2015

Parenting Is Never Going To Get Easier, For Every Mom, June 2015

Growing a Green Thumb, ParentLife, LifeWay, March 2015

Three Character Traits Your Kids Aren’t Too Young to Learn, ParentLife, LifeWay, February 2015

Overcoming Holiday Stage Frigyt, ParentLife, LifeWay, December 2014

Man Up: Practicing Perseverance, The MOB Society, May 2014

Baby Sign Language, ParentLife, LifeWay, April 2014

Love Your Kids No Matter What, ParentLife, LifeWay, February 2014

Working Mom Guilt, The MOB Society, January 2014

The Imperfect Parent, Burlingame Mothers’ Club Newsletter, December 2013

The Parent-Teacher Conference, The MOB Society, December, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude, ParentLife, LifeWay, November 2013

Finding Balance: Enabling or Empowering?, The MOB Society, October 2013

Six Books Every Parent Needs to Read, SpeakerChicks, June 2013

Instilling Integrity, The MOB Society, May 2013

Taming the Terror of Tantrums, The MOB Society, April 2013

Teaching Kids Money Management with Joanne Kraft, March 2013

Failure is a Learned Skill, The MOB Society, January 2013

Meaningful Moments of a Boy-Mom Christmas, The MOB Society, December 2012

Confessions From B.K. (Before Kids), The MOB Society, November 2012

You Are Not Alone: The Chocolate Kiss Awards, The M.O.M. Initiative, October 2012

Dear Teachers (A Letter From a Desperate Mom),The MOB Society, October 2012

Does God Smell Our Hair?, The MOB Society, July 2012

Confessions From a Biter’s Mom, The MOB Society, June 2012

Movie Date and an Apology, The MOB Society, May 2012

Worshiping With My Washcloth, The MOB Society, April 2012

Making My Children Miserable, The MOB Society, March 2012

Cut in the Act, Parents Like Us, Thriving Family, March 2012

Random Acts of NicenessMomsNext, MOPS International, December 2010


How-To and Informative

How Very Pinteresting! A Handy How-To For Pinterest, SpeakerChicks, September 2013

Putting FUN Back Into FUNdraising!, SpeakerChicks, August 2013

Checking Out Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Campbell Patch Local Voices, July 2013

DIY Garden Design: Tips & Tricks, Campbell Patch Local Voices, July 2013

DIY Garden Design: Fun With Foliage, Campbell Patch Local Voices, July 2013

Campbell Kids Plant Trees…In Tanzania! Campbell Patch Local Voices, May 2013

Light in Darkness: Heroes at the Boston Marathon, Campbell Patch Local Voices, May 2013

Something For Everyone: All-Inclusive Women’s Ministry, SpeakerChicks, March 2013

Campbell Kids Enjoy Fully-Fledged Fun, Campbell Patch Local Voices, November 2012

Date Night at Blue Line Pizza, Campbell Patch Local Voices, May 2012

My “What’s For Dinner?” Solution, Part I with Kathi Lipp, November 2011

My “What’s For Dinner?” Solution, Part II with Kathi Lipp, November 2011

Concept of Giving: Yourself, Your Time with Sandy Coughlin at Reluctant Entertainer, May 2010

Personal Essay, Devotional and Memoir

A Story of An Enabler, The Redbud Post, Redbud Writer’s Guild. May 2017

The Motherless Mother, Everbloom: Stories of Living Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives. Paraclete Press, April 2017

The Vitality of Ritual, Magnifications, December 2015

White Space: The Distance Between Duty and Crazy, The Redbud Post, September, 2015

How Do We Get To The Promised Land?, The Redbud Post, September, 2015

It All Started With Bagels, The Redbud Post, September, 2015

Illness vs. Death: From Both Sides of the Coin, This I Believe, June 2015

Hunger Always Wins: Feed MeMagnifications, May 2015

Contribuotr, A Cure For The Perfect Life, by Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory, August 2014

A Small, Enormous Night, be, mama. be. Cara Meredith, March 2014

The Gift of Wholeness, (in)Courage, DaySpring, February, 2014

Shattered Whole(in)Courage, DaySpring, June 2013

Living Inside Out, Kingdom Living, May 2013

Light in Darkness: Heroes at the Boston Marathon, Campbell Patch, April 2013

Where Can I Go? The Solace of Psalm 139, The M.O.M. Initiative, December 2012

Silencing the Inner “You Stink“, The M.O.M. Initiative, November 2012

The Way of the Cross: Mother, with Pepperdine University Chaplain Dave Lemley at Bright Monday, March 2012

Contributor: Praying God’s Word for Your Husband, by Kathi Lipp. Revell, 2012

I Want to See! (in)Courage, DaySpring, December 2011

I Can’t (Yes, You Can), (in)Courage, DaySpring, June 2011

Dead Reckoning, (in)Courage, DaySpring, February 2011



Top 12 Blogs Among Churches of Christ, June 2015

Ethel Herr Most Promising New Writer, Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference, April 2013

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