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>Friday Favorites: Lip Gloss

July 16, 2010


Mom! I want sparkles!

Betcha never thought a BOY would ask for that, eh?

Unlike the little girls we know, my boys aren’t asking for sparkles on their shoes, or clothes, or in their hair.

They want sparkles on their hands. Specifically, the backs of their hands.

When Scoob was just a wee tot, I had this brown, glittery lipstick I wore every day. As a diversionary tactic at drop off, to alleviate the Mama Drama, I would kiss him on the back of his hand. He loved that my lip print sparkled.

He would ask for “sparkles” from time to time after that.

Long after, lipstick gone, somehow Scrappy has picked up on the same idea.

I gave him a kiss this morning, but it didn’t sparkle. I had to improvise and turn it (with the help of a ball-point pen) into a smiley face.

I went out at lunch today and bought more Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coffee Gleam. It really sparkles in the sunlight. It layers well over just about every other color I wear. Not too sticky. Doesn’t taste funny. There was even a BOGO at CVS…

I’ve played peekaboo outside the classroom window, I’ve crawled into the caterpillar on the playground in my work clothes, and I have purposefully bought sparkly lipstick just to see ’em smile. I listen to the SAME TWO SONGS every day on the way to school (our ride is only long enough for two – so Mom never gets a pick). I freakishly call out “Hey look, it’s a flag!” or “Hey look, it’s a palm tree!” when someone is throwing a tantrum in the back seat because they didn’t get to climb in THAT side of the car.

Is there anything I won’t do to send my kids off to their day with a smile instead of tears?


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  1. July 20, 2010 5:22 am

    >ooh, that looks fun!

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