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The world is a lesser place today.

February 17, 2011


But heaven…that’s a different story.

Lyn Hamby left this world on Wednesday morning. She was surrounded by her family who gathered by her side to see her through.

Her passing has left behind a gaping hole…

Her son Michael, I think said it best: Lyn was loved by so many people because Lyn loved so many people.

Lyn just knew how to love. She loved with words and actions – she loved with her gracious hospitality and her exuberance and her infectious, oh, so infectious laughter.

We’ve been tied to the Hamby family by friendship for nearly 30 years. I married into those ties 13 years ago. Upon my first trip out to Maine, one of the most important items on the itinerary was driving to Connecticutt to meet (be inspected by) the Hambys. Lyn was so kind from the get-go (ok, they all were. I guess I passed muster). She was gracious and outgoing, her house was full of amazing antiques dating all the way back to Nathanael Hawthorne (their ancestor. I got to sit at his writing desk!).

She told me then that she was planning to buy a bed and breakfast in California.

Everybody says that. But she really did it.

Fifteen or so years ago she bought Fensalden Inn, on the Mendocino coast, and turned it into one of the finest, most gracious getaways on the Northern Californai shore.

She gave us a two night stay as a wedding gift. That first trip turned into annual treks and anniversary trips. We love the cypress and the seagulls. The waves amd the stillness and the calla lillies growing wild along the highway.

She hosted weddings, and murder mystery dinners. Every evening at sunset, her guests gather in the sitting room to watch the sun go down, and the goats at play on the lawn. Lyn would join us there, laughing and chatting, and suggesting all the best spots to go for dinner.

Her other son Chris and his wife Molli joined her there after a bit, and began to help run the place. They’ve had their own twist recently – after twenty-something years of marriage and a perfectly content family unit of two parents and two dogs, they discovered that they’re expecting. This happy miracle caught everyone by surprise. Chris and Molli will stay on at Fensalden, raising Lyn’s grandson there among the cypress and the seagulls.

As G said earlier this week…”Amazing how God works, in that as one generation comes to a close, another begins.”

Yes, it is amazing.

If you are ever looking for a great place to truly get AWAY from the hustle and bustle, check out Fensalden Inn in Albion, CA and see Lyn’s legacy for yourself. Mendocino wines, coastal breezes, fresh seafood and organic eateries…need I say more?

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