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>Gratitude Monday

December 6, 2010

>Searching for a tree in the pouring rain. Cats and dogs, really. Later, the cheerful line of raincoats, sodden, hanging up over the shower curtain rod, and the house-full aroma of piney joy.

The gross orange smash of a bad pumpkin cupcake recipe I decided to try out instead of waiting until the day of the baby shower to make. SO grateful I did not wait…lesson learned: just because the food blog has pretty pictures does not make them infallible. TEST EVERYTHING FIRST.

The daily reminders that there are others, so many others, who are in desperate need. This season seems to bring all that need to light, and by the grace of God, we are able to meet some of those needs. In the years to come, may my children remember those gifts, not the ones (albeit few) they’ll find Christmas morning.

Hot apple cider bubbling on the back of the stove.

A Friday night in with my best girls. Chick drinks, hot, cheesey, bad-for-you appetizers, chocolate, and time – blessed, uninterrupted, kid-free time – just to catch up – what a gift!

The extra hot Peppermint mocha my sweet coworker just planted in front of me. Bliss.

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  1. December 7, 2010 4:14 am

    >We make pumpkin muffins quite a bit. We use a Betty Crocker cookbook zucchini bread recipe and substitute pumpkin puree. My kids love them. I've found pumpkin puree can substitute for zucchini in a lot of baked goods recipes. You might give it a try sometime.

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