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>Friday Favorites: New Mom’s Survival Kit

January 14, 2011

A few years ago I put together a survival kit for a friend about to have her first baby. It’s my personal take on those must-haves for a first-time mom. Deed suggested that I blog it, so here ya go.

1. Soothies Gel Pads I list these first for a reason. These are the bomb. Seriously – there was no greater pain for me than my first child’s bad latch. It hurt worse than my c-section, only about 12 times a day. These made life livable; I wore them every moment I wasn’t nursing. Expensive, yes, and they last about a week. But well worth it. Really. Just try them. You’ll see.

2. Nursing tank tops. Way more comfy and flattering than any nursing bra I tried – and a great value for the price. They are great alone, or as a layering piece.

3. Newborn gowns. This is kind of like a pillowcase, but for babies…they stay all wadded up at one end and you have to root around in there just to find their feet.

Newborns poop constantly and you can easily change diapers five or six times in one night. Who wants to snap on and snap off those durn little onesies at 2am (or 3am, or 3.30am, or 4am)?

4. Fenugreek tea. Yes, it makes you smell like maple syrup, but it’s great to increase your milk supply. Available at health food stores.

And here’s a few nice things just to throw in so the new mom has them on hand.

5. Individually wrapped sanitary napkins. They give you these enormous ones at the hospital, but I found normal (or as my friend Heather put it: civilized) Kotex worked just fine. Keep one in your purse at all times!

6. A good tube of lip balm and some hand cream. You are perpetually thirsty when breastfeeding and lips get chapped!

7. Toe and finger nail scissors. (From Heather again: “Let’s face it, you know she probably won’t have time for a mani-pedi for a while.”)

8. A split of champagne and a flute. Just cuz.

9. Smelly stuff. Someone gave me a gift set of Bath and Body Works Relaxation Aromatherapy Eucaplyus Spearmint and I’ve been addicated ever since.

10. CD of nursery music. No singing, no vocals, just quiet lullabies or classical music Baby Mozart is always good.

11. A jar of Aquaphor. This is the do-it-all miracle baby product! Babies chap easily. Chapped lips from nursing, chapped cheeks from blankie-nuzzling, chapped butts from diaper rash. It works wonders for eczema (also super common in babies) and a million other uses. A little goes a long way – one jar will last you about five years…

There’s my list – what’s on yours?

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